Reviews for The Long Gray Line

“Enormously rich in detail and written with a novelist’s brilliance. . . . A very moving book.”
—James Salter, The Washington Post Book World

“A story of epic proportions [and] awesome feat of biographical reconstruction . . . A difficult book to put down.”
—Cullen Murphy, The Boston Globe

The Long Gray Line is a profoundly moving saga in which the U.S. Military Academy at West Point stands center stage. In mufti or olive drab, at peace or war, amidst joy or grief, in life or death, the academy shapes all. The author has captured its ethos. If you want to see a slice of the nation’s manhood in a drama of troubled times and find its heart, feel its emotions, sense its dilemmas, then read this book. It is a stunning story.”
—Colin L. Powell

“More of a biography of a generation than of a class at West Point. . . . Stark, shocking, jolting.”
—John Eisenhower, Chicago Tribune (front page review)

“Journalism elevated to narrative history, a book like Neil Sheehan’s Pulitzer Prize-winning A Bright Shining Lie. But better.”
—USA Today

“A work as masterfully executed as it was conceived.”
—Philadelphia Inquirer