Historical Documents from The Day of Battle

The images in this slideshow are scans of the original documents. The chapter numbers indicate where, in The Day of Battle, the document is relevant.

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The following documents are included in this slideshow:

  • An Oct. 1943 memorandum from an Army prosecutor to Maj. Gen. Troy Middleton, commander of the 45th Infantry Division, recommending that a company commander, Capt. John T. Compton, be court-martialed for murder in the massacre of thirty-six Italian prisoners outside Biscari, Sicily, on July 14, 1943. (Chapter 2)
  • An Oct. 1943 memo by Brig. Gen. John W. O’Daniel, who later commanded the 3rd Infantry Division at Anzio, about the role of the 36th Infantry Division in the amphibious assault at Salerno. This document, from the Citadel Archives and Museum in Charleston, S.C., contains the handwritten notations of Lt. Gen. Mark W. Clark, commander of Fifth Army, on the cover sheet. (Chapter 4)
  • A June 1944 memo to Maj. Gen. Lucian Truscott, commander of the U.S. Army’s VI Corps, describing the confusion in getting the corps headquarters ashore during the invasion at Salerno in Sept. 1943, when the corps was commanded by Maj. Gen. Ernest Dawley. (Chapter 4)