National WWII Museum Videos

Rick Atkinson and Dr. Nick Mueller, President and CEO of The National WWII Museum, discuss The Guns at Last Light, the final book in the epic “Liberation Trilogy.”

Part 1

In the first installment of this “sneak peek” video series, Rick shares just a few of his discoveries regarding the Normandy invasion.

Part 2:

In the second installment of this “sneak peek” video series, Rick introduces us to a lesser-known member of the famous Roosevelt clan.

Part 3:

In the third installment, Rick tells the story of John K. Waters and his involvement in General George Patton’s ill-advised raid on Hammelburg prison camp.

Part 4:

In the fourth installment, Rick details the invasion of southern France and one of General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s most controversial decisions.

Part 5:

In the fifth installment, Rick discusses tensions that existed between Eisenhower and Montgomery.

Part 6:

In the sixth installment, Rick discusses the Allies failure to fully secure Antwerp by securing the Scheldt River in a timely manner.

Part 7:

In the seventh, and final installment, Rick discusses Eisenhower’s strategy change in regards to taking Berlin and the “fiction” of the National Redoubt.