Landing craft moving toward Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944.

Sainte-Mere-Eglise looking northeast.

American wounded at Omaha Beach, June 8, 1944.

An exhausted Ernie Pyle, right, in Normandy with Navy Lt. John Mason Brown, June 15, 1945.

Mulberry A off Omaha Beach, June 16, 1944, shortly before a storm destroyed it.

Rear Admiral Don P. Moon off Utah Beach, June 1944, less than two months before his suicide.

An American patrol enters wrecked St. Lo, July 1944.

GIs rush a burning house in Sainteny, Normandy, July 11, 1944.

Death mask of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, discovered by U.S. Seventh Army troops in 1945.

30th Infantry Division troops in Mortain on Aug. 13, 1944, after repulse of German counterattack.

General Leclerc in Paris, Aug. 25, 1944.

Intelligence sketch made of a landing beach in southern France before Operation DRAGOON.

American paratroopers after jumping into southern France near Le Muy in Operation DRAGOON, Aug. 15, 1944.

Lt. Gen. Courtney Hodges, U.S. First Army commander, left, and Lt. Gen. Miles Dempsey, British Second Army commander, Sept. 15, 1944.

Lt. Gen. Lewis Brereton, commander of the First Allied Airborne Army, 1944.

British tanks cross the Waal road bridge in Nijmegen, Sept. 21, 1944.

Column of German prisoners marching from Aachen, Oct. 1944.

Generals George C. Marshall and George S. Patton, Jr., apparently Oct. 1944.

Lt. Gen. William Simpson, U.S. Ninth Army commander, helps Lt. Gen. Miles Dempsey, British Second Army commander, Nov. 1944.

Left to right–Lt. Gen. Omar N. Bradley, Lt. Gen. Beetle Smith, and Maj. Gen. Francis de Guingand, chief of staff for the British 21st Army Group, 1944.

An accused collaborator is executed by a French firing squad in Rennes, Nov. 21, 1944.

Three GIs eat K rations in the rain, Thanksgiving Day, 1944, France.

Eisenhower and Gen. de Lattre, Dec. 1944.

Left to right, four U.S. lieutenant generals–Devers, Patton, Patch, Bradley.

GIs from U.S. First Army hunt German paratroopers dropped during the Bulge, Belgium, Dec. 18, 1944.

A dead G.I., Dec. 22, 1944.

Maj. Gen. James M. Gavin, commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, in Belgium during the Bulge, Dec. 1944.

Soldiers from the 4th Armored Division advance on Bastogne, Dec. 1944.

Maj. Gen. Joe Collins, commander of U.S. VII Corps, and Field Marshal Montgomery during the Bulge, Dec. 30, 1944.

Generals Devers, Smith, and Patch, left to right, Jan. 1945.

GIs from the 3rd Armored Division sprint through a Belgian village, Jan. 1945.

Maj. Gen. Troy H. Middleton, whose VIII Corps absorbed much of the German attack in the Bulge, in Jan. 1945.

Livadia Palace, where President Roosevelt lived during the Yalta conference, Feb. 1945.

Maids prepare Roosevelt’s bedroom in the Livadia Palace during the Yalta Conference, Feb. 1945.

Stalin and Churchill in Livadia Palace during the Yalta Conference, Feb. 1945.

Ludendorff rail bridge in Remagen, seen from the east bank of the Rhine four hours before the span collapsed, March 17, 1945.

Wrecked German town of Lunebach, March 1945.

Armorers load .50-caliber belts into a P-47 Thunderbolt at an airbase in Luneville, France, Feb. 1945.

Lt. Gen. Carl A. Spaatz and Lt. Gen. Jimmy Doolittle debrief bomber crewmen after a raid on oil targets in Halle, Germany, March 31, 1945.

German Me 262 jet, flown into American lines near Frankfurt by defecting Luftwaffe pilot

6th Armored Division troops from Patton’s Third Army move through Oberdorla, Apr. 4, 1945.

An SS victim, among hundreds burned to death in a barn in Gardelegen, Apr. 1945.

GIs dash past a blazing German gasoline trailer in Kronach, Germany, Apr. 14, 1945.

Concentration camp victims discovered near Landsberg, Germany, Apr. 1945.

U.S. 3rd Division troops approach Hitler’s burning vacation house in Berchtesgaden, May 4, 1945.

Admiral Hans-Georg von Friedeburg at Eisenhower’s headquarters in Reims moments before the German surrender, May 7, 1945.

Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel signs surrender document in Berlin, May 8, 1945.

GIs headed home via Le Havre, May 25, 1945.