President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill in the presidential limousine following Churchill’s arrival in Washington for the TRIDENT conference, May 1943.

General Patton on the beach at Gela, July 10, 1943.

The Robert Rowan, a Liberty ship, blows up off the coast of Sicily on July 11, 1943.

Left to right: Major General Troy H. Middleton, commander of the 45th Division; Major General Omar N. Bradley; and Patton, in a Sicilian olive grove, July 25, 1943.

An Italian civilian with upraised hands greets the first GIs into Troina after a brutal battle lasting nearly a week in early August 1943.

An aerial view of the American beaches at Salerno. The ancient temple at Paestum is visible in the center of the photo.

U.S. forces push through battered Salerno after the Germans begin to retreat northward in September 1943.

An aerial photo of Maiori on Salerno Bay, looking north toward Naples.

Lieutenant Colonel William O. Darby with a Ranger major in Chiunzi Pass above Salerno, September 18, 1943.

A GI walks guard duty above the city of Naples.

Brigadier General Maxwell D. Taylor and Marshal Pietro Bagdolio on Oct. 13, 1943, as Italy declares war on Germany.

Priests inside the ruined church at Benevento, northeast of Naples, October 24, 1943.

An oxbow in the Volturno River, between Naples and Cassino.

Soldiers try to extract a truck from the mud in central Italy in the fall of 1943.

Ships burning in Bari harbor after the German surprise raid, December 2, 1943.

President Roosevelt during a visit to Sicily, December 1943, with Generals Clark and Patton in the rear seat.

British infantrymen shelter behind rocky parapets on the slopes of Monte Camino, December 7, 1943.

Monte Lungo in the Mignano Gap, south of Cassino, December 1943.

San Pietro reduced to ruins, December 1943. The eviscerated church of St. Michael the Archangel can be seen looming over other buildings in the village.

Medics from the 36th Infantry Division move into San Pietro, December 1943.

The bodies of U.S. soldiers killed on Christmas Day 1943 are collected in San Pietro before being hauled by truck to a temporary cemetery.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower with Lieutenant General Mark W. Clark in Italy shortly before Eisenhower left for London to command the OVERLORD invasion forces.

General Montgomery bids farewell to his Eighth Army staff on December 30, 1943, before returning to Britain to plan the cross-channel invasion of France.

Soldiers removing a German mine in central Italy, January 1944.

From Monte Trocchio, the view north across the Rapido River to Sant’ Angelo and the Liri Valley beyond, January 1944.

An artillery forward observer from the 34th Division, near Cassino on January 17, 1944.

Infantrymen from the 143rd Infantry, 36th Division, take refuge from sniper and mortar fire near the Rapido River on January 22, 1944.

Major General Geoffrey Keyes, commander of the U.S. II Corps, next to a tank near the front on January 22, 1944, the day of the Rapido River attack.

Americans soldiers near Naples stage for the assault on Anzio, January 1944.

A U.S. Sherman tank crosses the dunes near Nettuno, January 1944.

Generals Keyes, Juin, and Roosevelt in Prata, Italy, January 26, 1944. Roosevelt, after being relieved as assistant division commander of the 1st Infantry Division, served as a liaison officer to French forces.

General Sir Alan Brooke, chief of the Imperial General Staff (in belted coat), with General Montgomery, inspecting German prisoners captured by New Zealand troops near Cassino in January 1944.

American soldiers in the Rapido valley on February 6, 1944, eye the abbey atop Monte Cassino, with snow-capped Monte Cairo in the background.

Polish soldiers at San Vincenzo, February 8, 1944.

Major General John Lucas with Brigadier General Robert T. Frederick, date uncertain.

Major General Jimmy Doolittle at an air base in North Africa after a bombing mission, February 17, 1944.

A pickup baseball game at Anzio in February 1944, next to antiaircraft battery.

The ruins of Monte Cassino abbey, with the Via Serpentina leading up from Cassino town.

An aerial photo of ruined Aprilia, also known as “the Factory,” near Anzio.

Lieutenant General Mark Clark aboard a boat off the Italian coast, date uncertain.

Major General Lucian K. Truscott, Jr., with a staff officer in the VI Corps war room at Nettuno, March 7, 1944.

Major General Lucian K. Truscott, Jr., commander of the U.S. VI Corps, with General Sir Harold Alexander, the Allied ground commander, at Nettuno.

Fifth Army troops queue up outside the San Carlo Opera House in Naples to see “This Is the Army,” a wartime musical with songs by Irving Berlin.

Brigadier General Ted Roosevelt with General Alphonse Juin, commander of French troops, date uncertain.

Sergeant Bill Mauldin, left, already famous for his incisive cartoons, and correspondent Fred Painton, in the ruins at Anzio, May 1944.

U.S. infantrymen pushing toward Itri during Operation DIADEM, May 18, 1943.

Mark Clark with reporters and troops at Borgo Grappa, May 25, 1944, during the linkup of the Cassino and Anzio fronts.

1st Armored Division tanks pushing from the Anzio beachhead on May 30, 1944.

A church gutted by bombs in San Lorento, June 1944.

American tanks roll past the Coliseum in Rome, June 5, 1944.